Siècle D’Or

2005 Chez Richon [10 Year Old]

Making cognacs suitable for drinking young is exceptionally difficult without the use of caramel and sugar syrup. The 2005 has succeeded where others have failed. Its style is consistent with others from Chez Richon with some mocha and toffee flavours, a delight for such youthfulness. "...packed with nutty detonations and a depth charge of delicious tangerine tang" Olly Smith, Journalist & TV Presenter.

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10 Year Old Jarnac

Made on a 58-hectare estate in Jarnac-Champagne owned by the Vallet Family for generations. The grapes are mainly Ugni Blanc but unusually it also has some Folle Blanche and Colombard. Aged for 10 years in oak barrels the aroma is predominantly apricots which comes out in the flavour along with vanilla, toffee and a little citrus.

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Chez Richon 20 Year Old

Produced on a small estate in the Grande Champagne and aged for over 20 years, this deep, golden cognac has a wonderful aroma of toffee with roasted nut, some spices and just a hint of pineapple.

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1975 Chez Richon [36 Year Old]

This cognac was specially prepared by the company's owner and is regarded as one of the finest from this small producer. There is a distinctive pineapple aroma and a richer pineapple, walnut and medlar fruit complexity on the palate. Its intense flavour is enhanced by the slightly higher strength. Very long on the palate.

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